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Markets Scared Sick

While fear and uncertainty have taken back the year-to-date gains for the major indices, they’ve also reopened a window for long term planning.   The markets are quick to react when a new event flips investor sentiment and distracts from the underlying fundamentals, but you shouldn’t lose sight of your long term goals.   Fear …

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Start Caring for the Future You

Financial planning involves more than just saving on taxes and putting away as much as possible; it also requires a strategic plan for retirement.   You should be managing both sides of your personal balance sheet: the debits and the credits, the assets, and the liabilities. That also involves insuring yourself against the risks that …

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Get Real With Real Estate

Real estate and housing markets go through economic cycles and those cycles are often described in terms of a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. Recently, it’s not as easy to ascertain where we are in those phases. In the Bay Area, along with most metropolitan cities on the coasts, this summer has shown signs …

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