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F inancial Planning for Businesses and Business Owners
At Karp Capital Management, we can help you reduce your tax liability with strategies focused on maximizing your savings for retirement. We develop and execute comprehensive financial and retirement plans based not only on your needs, but also on those of your employees and firm. Our investment strategies consider current investment trends to provide more than just static solutions. Each firm’s tax and income situation is unique and requires a customized strategy.

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Why Independent Advice Matters
As an independent investment advisor, Karp Capital Management has access to a wide array of platforms and investment offering to find the unique solution that works for you. As a fiduciary, we will act in your best interest.

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Corporate Retirement Plans

Maximize Benefits and Minimize Tax Implications
The retirement plan experts at Karp Capital can coordinate and provide comprehensive support for all of the components associated with your retirement plan... 401(k), profit sharing, defined benefit, nonqualified deferred comp, etc. While receiving personalized and cost-sensitive attention, you can rest assured that your retirement plan will work for you today and tomorrow.

Our services include:

Fiduciary Services
We provide 3(21) investment advisory and 3(38) investment management fiduciary services to our retirement plan clients.

Retirement Plan & Vendor Evaluation
Thorough examination of your needs to provide a customized plan designed specifically for your company's unique goals and objectives with flexible and prudent investment options.

Timely and smooth installation or conversion of your retirement plan accompanied by an effective employee communications program.
Service & Support

Continuous education, investment performance reviews and consulting services. We respond to your needs.

Annual compliance reviews that conform to ERISA, IRS and DOL guidelines.

Business Exit and Succession Planning

Whether you plan to sell your firm, externally or internally, proper Exit Planning provides a tax-efficient roadmap for one of the most challenging aspects of business ownership.

Exiting Business Ownership

After a career spent building a successful business, finding the best way to move on can be a challenging proposition. Exit Planning is a customized process designed to help business owners understand their options. Determining value and the path to new ownership can be difficult and cumbersome. Karp Capital can help you chart a course for a tax-efficient transition.   

Deciding when it’s Time

The time to start thinking about a business exit strategy is long before you're ready to implement a plan. Give us a call at 1 877 900 KARP for a no obligation meeting to learn how we can help.

Business Consulting Services

Successful businesses have complex needs. As your advisor, Karp Capital Management can connect you with our wide network of professionals, and help you manage your finances from top to bottom.
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