Fire-Proof Your Finances

Fires, pandemics, lost jobs, oh my! With all that is going on right now, it is important to do what we can to stay in control and prepare for the worst. As a fiduciary, we utilize information our clients share with us to identify their specific risk tolerance, however, here at Karp Capital we know that there are some risks we cannot anticipate, such as the loss of a home due to a fire. We cannot stop events like this from happening but we can work with you to prepare and mitigate some of the damage and hardship caused by an unexpected change.



It is also important to keep all information updated and in an accessible, secure location. This is part of the reason we set up the Karp Capital Client Portal. We want to help our clients stay safe, prepared, and organized so that when they are faced with a neighborhood evacuation or another unforeseen disaster they have all of their affairs in order and all important documents in one (password-protected and secure) place.


Allowing us to help you stay organized will not only make your life easier, but it helps us make the lives of your loved ones easier as well. You can maintain a folder that protects all important documents pertaining to your home so that in the case of an emergency, you can focus on your own safety rather than that of your records. The vault is not limited to legal documents and financial statements. You can store audio files, video clips, pictures, and other priceless items that might not make it out of the house in an immediate evacuation. The client portal can provide solace and peace of mind in keeping a sense of normalcy in spite of a tragedy.


Take some time to fire-proof your finances with the Karp Capital Client Portal.


If you have any questions or need to get set up on your Client Portal, please give our office a call.

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