Trust Yourself

If you own property, a business and/or have had multiple marriages you should have a trust.


Benefits of a trust


A trust allows you to avoid probate and simplify the lengthy process of your heirs settling your estate. It allows you to direct to whom and where your assets are distributed after your death and affords you more control. There are a plethora of other benefits, including tax management, depending on the intricacies of your estate, but even if you just simply own a home then a trust is for you.


Your trust won’t be something set in stone. As life progresses, your trust and planning should evolve. As your family grows and changes, these life events can warrant a revision to the original document. 


How Karp Capital Can Help


We would be happy to meet with you and your estate-planning attorney to review your trust and help make sure nothing is overlooked. If you don’t already have a trust and need a referral for a trust attorney, let us know. We can put you in touch with the person best suited to help you map out your estate needs and document your plan for the future.

We think of Karp Capital as the quarterback for all your advisors, we help you move the ball down the field to reach your goals. We also work with your CPA and bookkeeper to help keep you on track to reduce your taxes. Please call us before your next meeting with your CPA, we’d like to join the conversation.