What’s Driving the Markets in 2018?

Peter C. Karp

One thing’s clear, the markets have bounced around since the end of 2017. From a year with no volatility, comes a bumpy road. Recent corporate earnings announcements continue on the upside, but investors remain weary. Geopolitical tensions and tariffs continue to rattle markets despite the positive domestic data.

Peter C. Karp outlines where we see the markets now and where we see them heading for 2018.

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Time Line:

1:03 Where we see the markets now.

6:03 Do you expect the volatility that we’ve seen for the past few months to continue for much longer?

8:35 The market has been teetering between positive and negative territory all year, what are you expecting for this year’s returns?

10:06 What have been the best performing sectors so far this year? What do you expect to be the best performers for the rest of the year?

11:59 How many more rate hikes should we expect to see this year and what should that do to interest rates?

13:55 Tensions and trade war rhetoric seem to have tampered down over the last few weeks, should this still be a concern?

14:50 After the U.S. pulled out of the Iran deal, how should we expect that to affect the markets?

15:50 What kind of changes should I make to my portfolio if I’ve been uncomfortable in this current market environment?