Market Turbulence Got You Sick?

Lovin’ the New Market Highs? Market Turbulence Got You Sick?

Peter C. Karp

The new year started off with a bang, and the fireworks kept going for the month of January, with equity markets skyrocketing to all-time highs. Investors’ expectations of higher corporate returns (due to a slashing of the corporate tax rate) and marginally higher economic growth increased bullish expectations for equity valuations.

The quick gains for the month had some investors on edge, asking themselves “Is this too much, too quickly?”

This February pullback has shown that the market’s response to that is “yes”, erasing year-to-date gains and introducing volatility back into the market.

Peter C. Karp outlines where we see the markets now and where we see them heading for 2018.

>> Do corporate earnings justify the current market valuations?

>> What’s causing this volatility?

>> Are international markets seeing the same moves?

>> Is this global economic expansion expected to last?

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Time Line:

3:32 What is causing the recent volatility?

4:47 Should we be selling some or all of our portfolio?

6:39 What can we do to protect against the downside?

8:25 The market has recovered some of the recent losses. Do you see more volatility ahead?

9:38 Do you see stocks seem overvalued or expensive?

11:31 What are your favorite sectors in this environment?

14:14 Is the Federal Reserve still planning on raising interest rates after this market volatility?

16:05 My bond funds seem to underperform individual fixed income. Is there a reason to remain invested in these funds?

18:18 Given the recent tax changes, what can I do to reduce the tax bite?

19:44 How are international markets faring in this environment?