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Take Charge of Your Financial World

Tackling the complexity of financial planning will help simplify your life and your future. One way to do this is to work together with a qualified, devoted and trustworthy financial advisor.

At Karp Capital Management, we offer an array of services that will help you make sense of your financial picture today and help you plan for tomorrow. We take the time to get to know you, your family situation, your financial position, your expectations, and your retirement plans; we position this with the world economy, industry trends, political shifts and the markets to help you build a sound financial strategy.

Why Independent Advice Matters

While most financial advisors are tied to large brokerage firms, Karp Capital Management is an independent advisor. We can select any investment position that is right for you, rather than offer only those from a single source.

Start Today

It’s no secret that saving, planning and investing early have significant impact on your bottom line as time progresses. Here are the services we offer which will help you put your financial planning in order:

Retirement Planning and Strategies

Retirement Planning

The inevitability of aging and retirement make this an important part of any financial plan. Learn about the range of options and the various ways to make your retirement plan a winner. More

Assets and investment management

Financial Planning

Taking into account your unique situation and positioning it in the context of a larger world economy we will help put your finances to work for you. More

Education savings

Education Savings

The growing costs of higher education mean setting up specialized accounts to ease the burden and allow your children to succeed. More

Insurance analysis and planning

Insurance Planning

Often overlooked, insurance planning is a key part of any financial plan that will protect and work for you and your family. More

Real estate and mortage

Mortgage and Lending

A significant investment such as a home occupies a large part of a financial picture. How it is managed as an asset or how its debt factors in a budget can be optimized. More

Estate planning

Estate Planning

Key to any financial plan, estate planning is important to the growth, preservation and transfer of assets in a legal and tax efficient manner. More



A lifelong stream of guaranteed steady income can be obtained and put into a retirement plan. More