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Financial Planning for Businesses and Business Owners

At Karp Capital we understand the intricacies of business operations, and the demands placed on business owners. While you focus on your core business, you can be confident that your retirement plan is being expertly managed to reduce your tax liability and maximize benefits. As your business matures, you can call upon us to offer consulting services and plan for eventual succession or exit.

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Corporate Retirement Plans

Corporate Retirement Plans

With expertise in qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, Karp Capital can design, implement, and monitor your plan. We educate your employees and work with plan trustees (i.e. business owner) to maintain government compliance and best practices according to the Department of Labor. More
Business Consulting and Services

Business Consulting and Services

Working with new and existing businesses, we can assist you to meet your business objectives and work towards sustainable growth. More
Exit and Succession Planning

Business Exit and Succession Planning

Whether you plan to sell your firm, transfer to management, or pass it on to your children, proper Exit Planning provides a roadmap for one of the most challenging aspects of business ownership. More