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1st Quarter Report: State of the Union
2nd Quarter Report: Life is Good


1st Quarter Report: Leaping Up and Down on Wall Street
2nd Quarter Report: We the People...
3rd Quarter Report: Where are the Election Year Jitters?
4th Quarter Report: Are You Sure About That?


1st Quarter: 2015 – What's Next?
2nd Quarter: Money, Politics and Beyond
3nd Quarter: The Economy is Not the Market
4nd Quarter: Eyes Wide Open


1st Quarter: The Financial World is Also a Stage
2nd Quarter: Balancing Act
3rd Quarter: Are We at an Economic Turning Point?
4th Quarter: Glass Half Full


1st Quarter: Is the Rally Here to Stay?
2nd Quarter: No Pain....No Gain
3rd Quarter: Uncertainty is Certain
4th Quarter: Year of the Roller Coaster


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Past Speaking Engagements

  • SIR’s $ums Investment Group – Bay Area Chapter “An Energized Market”
  • SIR’s $ums Investment Group – Bay Area Chapter “Turning on a Dime”
  • The Bar Association of San Francisco “Benefits of Implementing a Qualified Retirement Plan for Law Firms”
  • American Association of Individual Investors (AAII – San Francisco Chapter) “The Global Economy’s Impact on Your Investment Strategies”
  • SIR’s $ums Investment Group – Bay Area Chapter “A Roadmap to Reaching Your Goals”